Saturday, January 12, 2013


Wow... has it really been that long since my last post?

Well.. a lot's happened since then.

One of the biggest ones were me starting college. Another was me mistakingly joining the brony fandom and creating a Tumblr account for an OC pony I made. Another would be that I attended my first Theme Park Review event and met Robb Alvey face-to-face (not conversing, just simple greets or pass-by's).

I transitioned into a really long personal rant by accident. Not necessary to read-on if you don't like those.

... that's about all of the biggest ones I can think of. My attention span for typing long things has shortened greatly, which means I'm not able to type out short stories or long blog posts as much as I used to. I had all the time in the world when I was in high school, which meant I found things to do to use up all of that time (including Water Slide Database). Sadly my family hasn't been able to do anything together that involved traveling due to many varying reasons including: Full flights, bad weather, too expensive, everyone in the party can't agree on the same place, someone in the party doesn't want to o to a certain place, etc., etc.

I think I'm just about fed up traveling or doing things with my family since we can't all agree on the same things anymore. Sadly I don't have any friends to travel to places with, and the friends I do have that I could probably travel with.. aren't exactly the kind of people I most enjoy being around... let's just say.

Urgh, I don't mind traveling and doing things on my own, but it's never as fun unless I was with someone who does them with me. That, and I can't always do things on my own, so whenever I do want to go do something, I have to drag someone along with me.

For instance: The last Holiwood Nights, my dad suggested that during that time I should go to Cedar Point. Knowing him and the fact that he can't keep his promises about traveling to certain places, I just didn't want to chance it. I insisted that I wanted to head to Holiday World for their annual Holiwood Nights coaste enthusiast event. He looked at me weird due to me having been to the same even the previous year. It's just too bad he doesn't get it.

I wanted to go to Holiwood Nights instead of Cedar Point because I knew if I were to go to Cedar Point with him, it would just be me with him at a huge park, spending loads of cash spending the night at a hotel so that we'd be able to "attempt" to ride as many rides as we can. While I appreciate him wanting to take me somewhere like that, he's not the funnest person to go traveling with. He's not exactly the funnest person to be around either...

Bleh, this post turned into a personal rant... I don't care, I guess.

Going to Holiwood Nights was a little selfish since he probably wasn't having the time of his life there, and I was away with the people at the event snapping away with pictures and re-riding roller coasters, flat rides, and water slides. I was able to ride each coaster at least 5 times. He rode Voyage once and hated it. He's since complained that Holiday World needs a steel roller coaster.

This is the kind of example of dragging someone with me to somewhere I want to go to, which I don't like because I know that I'm just being selfish in doing that. But there had been a time when it was almost worth it.

One great example when my dad wanted to plan another trip to somewhere late August when we haven't done anything special that summer. I recommended East Coast Bash, which he was hesitant on. agreeing to. After some time of not being able to find anything else to do during that time, my dad said it was okay. I tried to get my oldest brother to go with me since he preferred the bigger kind of coasters and things like that, but he said no.

I go to the event, I have an amazing time, dad and Michael Ray have a good time themselves. I come home and post a bunch of pictures of the event, and soon hear my oldest brother saying "Wow, I should have gone. That looked like fun." That was your loss, dude.

Well, now it seems we can't agree on anything when it comes to traveling. Oldest brother wants to head to the beach, second brother would rather not travel at all, dad wants to go do something big and possibly exorbitant. All I want to do is get out of Kentucky for a few days and go do something interesting. Not visit museums, not visit the beach, and not stay at home...

My mom would definitely agree to take me somewhere and go do something, and she'll definitely tell me that she'll be fine going there. But there had been times when we've done just that, and she's suffered from it. (Went to Six Flags Over Georgia while my mom told me she wanted to sit in the car and listen to her audiobook while I was out. I do just that, and I later indirectly learn after coming back home that her neck was hurting from sitting in the car for so long.) I cannot risk something like that again.

I can't travel alone anywhere. First of all, that can be a little dangerous no matter where I head. Secondly, I don't keep in touch with my parents enough for them to trust me to go anywhere without them specifically knowing what I'm doing. Thirdly, I'd have to bring someone with me that not only I wouldn't mind being with, but I knew for-a-fact that they either wouldn't mind going with me or wants to go with me.

Bleh. I love traveling, but now the people around me are making it become a burdon... I just want to go somewhere, is that so hard?

I need to find a good travel companion that my parents can trust me to go with practically anywhere. I'd prefer that person have the same interest or interests that I'm in to.

Dunno when that'll happen. I'm already into my second semester of college and haven't made a good close friend while I'm here...

Seems I've run out of steam to rant. I guess I'll end it here. It felt good typing this much.

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