Friday, June 8, 2012

Well, things have happened since my last blog post. Many good things! :D Others... meh.

First of all, I finally graduated High School! The level of happiness I feel to finally have high school over... apparently hasn't struck me yet...


I haven't really felt any kind of overwhelming happiness for the fact that I finally got high school over with. I know I should, since it's something I know that I'll never have to repeat again. But, I just don't feel anything. Maybe it's because I'm about to attend summer college in a few days...

Yeah, I bet that's probably it.

That's another thing that I have to mention. I'm about to go off to college... during the summer... which means less summer free-time... or visiting water parks for my other website Water Slide Database. :-(

Oh well. One last thing I have to announce is that I finally got my first laptop.........

Yes... MY FIRST LAPTOP! The amount of excitement for this has hit me, and I'm still smiling as I type this blog! Reason why: I'M USING IT TO TYPE THIS BLOG RIGHT NOW! :D :D :D !!!

... Sorry, had a happy moment there.

That's all I wrote this blog to tell you about. To end this, have a random photo of a cat I took today.

(It's a stray, and I've been posting various photos of this and another cat to Tumblr and Twitter all afternoon!)

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