Sunday, April 8, 2012

Trip Report: Mall of America Pt. 2 (April 6, 2012)

Continuation from part one which is here.

Where was I...? Oh right!

Still wandering a little.

Wandered a little more.

Then I rode Avatar Airbender again.

After this, I met up with my dad (who had been at a bench updating his work) and we walked the mall.

There was a lot to see. But in the end, it was just a big mall with a lot of shops in it. (Shocking, isn't it. :-/ )

Not something as spectacular as, say, the shopping malls in Dubai. But this mall is better than my local mall in many ways.

We ate at this pizza and pasta restaurant. Their pizzas were way too big for me to finish in one sitting. It was just too much bread within it!

The mall also had an aquarium. Maybe I can visit this when or if I come back.

4 floors of shopping till you're dropping. I wasn't into much of the shopping portion of it, except for a Best Buy store we stopped by.

Passing the top of the log flume ride before continuing. I should have rode this.

More fish-eye lens photos here...

... and there!

The adventure mini-golf on the third floor.

A magic shop.

And more of the mall.
After completing the one lap around the mall, my dad told me I had enough time for a few more rides before we had to catch the flight home.

So, I rode Rock Bottom Plunge two more times!

I learned that the coaster is roughest in the front seats.

Still, it will never get old to me!

Lines for each ride increased significantly by the time I came back to the park.

This thing looked amazing! I'm also pretty sure it's the only Weigand spiral mat slide in America.

Two trains in one shot.

An up close view of RBP's trains.

Back to the steeper than steep drop and loop.

Lets not forget about the awesome overbank.

... and barrel roll.

A lot of kids I see who were a hesitant on riding the coaster at first, loved it when they got off!

It's arguably the best coaster here.

I ventured near this attraction so I could get a closer look.

It's pretty much a mess of pads, catwalks, ropes, and other paths in the air that have no handrails. 

This became my fourth and last ride on this coaster! Favorite coaster here!

Had to get a picture of me near it somewhere. I didn't wear the jacket the whole day due to the warm temperature indoor.

Thank you Nickelodeon Universe and Mall of America for a very good Friday... get it...! because I came here on Good Friday...?! Nevermind.

Soon, we caught our next flight, which took us directly back home.

Pulling off the runway and soaring into the air, I see this outside the window!

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Thanks for viewing!

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