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Trip Report: Mall of America (April 6, 2012)

Out of a spontaneous decision two days prior for what to do for Spring Break, I suggested Mall of America. Before I knew it, I woke up reeealy early one morning to catch a flight to Minnesota with my dad, spent a day at the mall, and came home the same day! First time I've done a trip like this before, and it couldn't have worked out more perfectly!
Two flights and a short train ride later, we arrive in the parking garage in the back of the mall.
The train  literally shuttled to and from the airport and only took a little over 10 minutes, making the trip to the mall easy. 

Not a grandiose entrance, but keep in mind we are behind the mall and in a parking garage.

We arrived at the mall right 15 minutes before the park was open for the day.
My dad didn't feel like riding the rides, so he payed for my wristband.

This is the first time I've used my new Fish-Eye lens at an amusement park. I took a lot of photos and recorded a lot of video with it, so be prepared for them!

First ride I hit when it opened was Fairly Odd Coaster.  First time on a Gerstlauer spinner. Pretty fun ride. Nothing chaotic, probably because my car wasn't balanced to spin crazy enough. I rode with two other children sitting opposite of me.

Second ride I hit on the opposite corner of the park, Spongebob's Rock Bottom Plunge. This ride was awesome!

My first time on a 'true' Euro-Fighter. Not the lap-bar one of Dare Devil Dive at Six Flags Over Georgia.

This ride was a lot rougher than Dare Devil Dive as well, but nothing I couldn't handle. 

Next up, colorful soda coaster! Or as some like to call it, Pepsi Orange Streak.

View of Rock Bottom Plunge from the station.

Very relaxing coaster. It just glides everywhere around the park, over some rides, and through a tunnel near the log flume.

I was kinda disappointed to know that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Shell Shock was closed for maintenance.

From what i heard, it was a pretty good ride. Oh well, maybe next time.

Avatar Airbender was the next ride I got on. Great ride! Lots of zero-g hangtime at the top of each spike. It was also my first Intamin coaster with these kind of restraints, which I found comfortable.

This I found a little more disappointing than Shell Shock's closure.

Brain Surge was also down for maintenance. Second to Rock Bottom Plunge, I was really hoping to ride this ride. Seeing that they took the carriages off made me a little more disappointed. Again, better luck next time I come here.

Splat-O-Sphere ride may look like it was meant for kids, but I loved it! The freefalls on it are enough to give anyone butterflies; not to the point where you're completely ejected off of your seat, but enough to give that scary pop upwards when you drop multiple times.

Avatar Airbender next to it.

Didn't bother riding this. The ride was on one side of the park and was facing the entrance to the park. I think it should have been turned around so people could be able to see the park, not the shopping.

Switching to my normal lens, I wandered back to TMNT Shell Shock.

Some said that the wings don't do much for the ride, and that you have to rock the carriages to get them to flip.

Also, compared to the other rides, this is the darkest out of them all. The rusty colors, the sewage theme, and the fact that it's placed on one side of the park makes it seem out-of-place a little. Just my opinion though.

The ride still looks like a lot of fun.

(Spongebob and Flying Dutchman related YouTube Link)

I soon came back for a second ride on Rock Bottom Plunge, because I liked it so much!

Nerd shot while walking from the exit.

Awesome indoor vertical lift hill!

Awesome past-vertical drop!

Awesome loop!

And an 'okay' overbank.

Seriously, I loved this ride!

As with the rest of the park, I loved it all!

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