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Trip Report: Kings Island (Oct. 15, 2011) Pt.2

Part two of my visit to Kings Island in October. Click "read more" to visit this part.

The next ride I hit was Delirium.

Another first-time for me. The line for this ride seemed to take a very long time. I'm pretty sure I waited about 1 1/2 hours for it.

Right when I got on, unfortunately, the ride broke down. They let us get off or get back in line to wait for them to fix it. After testing it, they let us back on. It's pretty fun, but I don't think it lasts long enough. It takes it a while to get to the good 'airtime' parts of the swing, and then it starts slowing down quickly after that.

Next was Racer. Very fun and pretty smooth woodie. The line for this coaster was the shortest I've had to wait for any ride in the park.

The complete opposite can be said about this next coaster's line.

Two and-a-half hours can give you plenty of time to photograph a roller coaster!

While waiting, I noticed that Vortex got stuck on the lift hill. The train didn't move for about 30 minutes.

$4.00 for a soda? I'm not that desperate!

The train for Vortex got to moving again soon. No new trains were sent for quite a while after that.

When it did re-open, there were only two people on the first train.

Finally, we reach the station. Diamondback had HUGE amounts of airtime! It's also the smoothest coaster in the entire park. I loved it!

Now as the day starts getting dark, the park gets ready for the Halloween Haunt.

The haunted mazes and walk-throughs begin to open, and people flooded the lines for them. I saw this chainsaw guy outside the exit of Slaughter House scaring people exiting the attraction and people around the exit.

I was going to ride Invertigo, but I skipped it due to the line.

The entrance to Slaughter House. The woman in the purple shirt chose to skip the walk-through after waiting in line.

I see you fog machine!

I wasn't interested in the hunted mazes though. I was here for roller coasters. Turning left takes me to Club Blood walk-through. Turning Right takes me to Wolf Pack walk-through. Continuing straight takes me to Air Deck suspended roller coaster.

This coaster seems left out from all the haunt action going on around the rest of the park.

It's placed in a far corner from the rest of the park, in the quiet woods near the Great Wolf Lodge.

As old as it is, it still packs a very large punch with lots of speed and g-force inducing turns.

Club Blood.

Let's face it, this ride and Windseeker aren't going to open for the rest of the night. Those operators might as well go home.

I believe this was Cut Throat Cove walk-through.

The lines for the mazes got to very long lengths. Some I believe went beyond the 1 hour mark.

I began to venture to the back of the park before I noticed the battery on my phone was dying, which meant I couldn't make phone calls back to my dad who was sleeping in the car in the parking lot.

And since the park was getting more crowded, I decided to leave.

Right when I was leaving though...

This happened!

An announcer came on the speakers to announce that the actors would be released into the park in 15 minutes.

Every fog machine in the park had been activated.

They also closed the Eiffel Tower during this time.

I really do wish I could stay to see the actors, but I also had to bear the 2 hour drive back home; and I didn't want to make it home at 1:00am.

And so, this concludes my visit to Kings Island, and my trip report!

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