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Trip Report: Kings Island (Oct. 15, 2011) Pt.1

As a first post, I thought I would go ahead and do a late Photo Trip Report. I guess my choice will be my last trip to Kings Island in Mason Ohio. Click "read more" to go through the photos.
Technically I've been to Kings Island before, but it was when I was too little to ride any ride. So this visit will involve a lot of first-time rides for me.

I was able to get a discount on visiting thanks to my ClubTPR card and ordering the tickets online. I arrived early in hopes of also getting a backstage tour of Diamondback, but they told me that it was only available for ACE members at that time. Oh well.

Today's visit was in October 15, 2011, which meant The annual Halloween event was going on. That, and it was a little chilly that morning.

People were allowed inside, but only in the front area. Rides were still testing while everyone waited inside the park.

Once they sounded the pledge of allegiance and dropped the yellow chain, everyone started running towards their first ride of the day.

My first was Drop Tower. Amazing as expected! It was quite cold and very windy at the top of the tower, and the drop lasted a pretty long time.

Unfortunately when I got back in line for a second ride, they closed the ride down because of the strong winds. I guess I'll just have to ride it later today.

The park seemed pretty empty around this time. Maybe everybody headed for Diamondback? 

The line for the Racer shouldn't be long throughout the day, so I skipped it. 

I soon hopped on the Flight of Fear. This coaster is now my favorite launched coaster! Some parts of it was difficult to tell whether I was upside-down or not! Loved it!

After that, I bared the slow line of Firehawk. It's a pretty interesting coaster, but not as good as some of the other coaster like Flight of Fear imo.

Continuing down the midway. I notice more people showing up, and an immobile Windseeker. 

Racer fly's on by with full trains.

I had to talk myself a little to get in line for this next coaster, fearing that I'll come off with a headache. 

I sat in the last car but one row forward. I couldn't believe how great this coaster turned out to be. Huge airtime on the first drop, disorientation coming out of the double loops, and I came off without a headache! 

Windseeker found wind without even moving. It was cool seeing this ride, but I wasn't very eager to ride it.

Dinosaurs Alive didn't seem like something I would pay extra for.

... unless they were dinosaurs in costume! But I still didn't do it.

Seriously, this ride was amazing!

It had a few strong jerk parts, but I could easily re-ride it.

The Halloween event wasn't going to start until later that day, so the kids could enjoy not being scared. 

Italian Job: Stunt Tra... err, I mean, Backlot Stunt Coaster.

Skipped it due to the length of the line.
I hope you planned on ingesting a certain amount of Diamondback photos, because I have plenty of them!

On to the Crypt!

The theming inside the queue was done very nicely. It built suspension to whatever came on the actual ride. Too bad there was little to no theming inside the actual ride itself. Just some changing lights and music. It was kind of a let down because I expected it to be better than it was. The ride simply did a few slow flips forward and backwards, and then it ended (that's the gist of it).

History of this ride (From what I've gathered from the internet):
I wish it did more, but apparently the ride is a mechanical nightmare. The original ride cycle was fit to be with   the scenery that used to be in it while the ride was called Tomb Raider: The Ride. After the name was stripped, so was the scenery. To make-up for it, the third row was removed and the ride's cycle was changed to be more intense; mimicking the ride's smaller outdoor cousins' ride cycles. Unfortunately, this proved to be too intense for riders and the machine itself (due to this ride's gargantuan size and tha fact that this ride is a prototype). so the ride was dumbed down to simply rotate and lock at a precise time to allow the carriage to flip completely, then do it again in the opposite direction.

My first ride on a Huss top spin ride, and the only Huss Giant Top Spin ride in operation in the world... or at least it was.

Recently, the park announced that it will be removing the ride completely and replacing it with a walk-through for next year's Halloween Haunt.

Seems fit for something like that, but I will miss this ride. Maybe they'll replace the walkthrough with something better the year after. I can only hope.

Coming out of the exit, you can see other parts of Diamondback.

Someday I'll ride this, but not today.

Still closed. Darn you wind.

Son of Beast. While walking past this ride, I asked a park employee about the future of this behemoth. He told me that they might plan to refurbish it and rename it Beast: Unleashed. (This is a rumor, don't treat it like it's official until they say so themselves.)

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