Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Microphone is Shot

I picked up my DSLR recently and recorded video just for fun. When I played the video clips back on my computer, I found out that none of the footage had any audio to them.

Finding that fishy, I recorded more footage and played them back on the camera itself. Unfortunately, the audio didn't come through there either. >=-(

Great, just great. My camera's internal microphone is shot, and I might have to use it again for another important project I am going to. I really don't want to have to resolve to using a voice recorder. The audio quality isn't the highest... then again, it does something my camera can't; record stereo.


Hopefully I can find something that will get it fixed soon, because I really want to to continue working.

Anybody out there who lands on this page can help me with this problem?

While you think about it, I also hope you enjoy this experimentation I conducted recently!

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